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De lo más profundo de las penumbras resurge ante el sollozar de la agonizante sinfonía infernal. Sólo, desolado. Únicamente acompañado de la locura que reside en su interior.

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►Cuenta RP independiente de Mana D. Campbell al español.

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I want to do an rp where Loki gets his lips sewn shut but Odin, and finds himself at Tony’s place


And Tony’s bleeding heart gets to him, and he helps cut the stitches.


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I’m still horrible but how was I supposed to continue saying nope after that?!

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Olivia Olson spills the beans on PB & Marceline



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by luosong


Drarry Headcanon:

After the war, Draco tries lots of different therapies to help him deal with what’s been happening, but the only thing that helps is knitting. The first time Ron, Harry, and Hermione walk into a muggle cafe and find Draco knitting quietly in the corner, Ron thinks he might actually die from laughing. Hermione apologises and shoos him away, but even she can’t help giggling a little whenever she thinks of Draco Malfoy knitting. Harry is oddly sympathetic, at least in Ron and Hermione’s eyes. What they don’t know, purely because it never occurred to Harry that it was something they might be interested to learn about him, is that Harry has been going to the same support group as Draco, and has his own knitting at home. 

They don’t suddenly become best friends. At first they sit as far away from one another as they can, but as the weeks go on, they inch closer together. One day Harry is late, and he finds himself sitting next to Draco. There’s no apology, Draco’s too proud for that, but Harry helps Draco pick up a few dropped stitches, and Draco teaches Harry how to cast on and off (because so far Harry’s been getting Luna to do it for him). After that, they sit next to each other every session.

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accioknickers :

Dan ser super adorable en Good Day LA y el envío de Tom Felton un mensaje (lo siento por la mala calidad)

Dan: “Hola Tom. Te echo de menos, ¿dónde estás, vamos a ver unos a otros. Te amo , adiós “.


So you’re thrown into the world of Harry Potter…but something isn’t quiet right…turns out Draco and Harry are dating…3rd gif is how you react

You are sorted into Gryffindor! 9th gif is how you react.


Nevermind, You are sorted into Slytherin! 2nd gif is how you react.

"You’re part of everything I want," Albus said. "A big part."

"Good," Scorpius said. "Because you’re all I need." 

(from “Two” by caputdraconis14)